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The proposed ADAS system consists of Hardware System and Software System. The ADAS system works completely independent system from vehicle in which it does not control any functioning of the vehicle. The ADAS system may use vehicle sensor input like speed sensor and yaw rate input. It is also proposed to use speed sensing and yaw rate sensing within the ADAS system. The power supply for ADAS system is drawn from the vehicle power supply system. The ADAS system uses camera video image based system confidential hardware system consists of a dedicated embedded system with large dynamic range miniature camera with a resolution of 1280X1080 pixels with 60fps. The Hardware would also consist of a display and audio & visual warning lamps with optional seat shaker. The Hardware/Firmware also would have an optional expansion scope of GPS with cloud based Analytics provided. There would a display unit to display the warning signals along with Audio Alarm Unit.

The Software system consists of basic firmware with drivers for hardware devices along with Linux Operating which are part of the Embedded Hardware system. The ADAS software takes camera video frames, processes each video frame and provides the real time update at the maximum rate of 16fps on the three warning functionality of three functions:

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Traffic Sign Assist Functions (SA)

These warning are captured by the embedded hardware drives the display functions.

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