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Year 2000

DELOPT was incorporated as a Private Limited Company
(was named as Deepti Electronics & Electro-Optics Pvt Ltd).

delopt ho office

Year 2001

Major projects in Electro-Optics viz a viz Laser Pointing system, Automatic test Equipment etc were undertaken.

Initiated R&D on Algorithm development for video tracker application.

Year 2002

Video tracker card was introduced – The first Indian Non defence Company to achieve this.

On board computer was delivered for TORPEDO application. Indigenous substitutions for PCM telemetry data to acquire satellite images. Acquired high-end FPGA based technology.

Year 2003

Designed & Developed Gimbal System using 1 million gates FPGA for image processing.

Year 2004

Developed Multi channel high-speed data acquisition systems. High-speed VME ADC card developed for ALH(Indian Helicopter). Supplied Mil grade video tracker.

Year 2005

Completed 100 design projects.

Developed, mil grade Up Front Control Panel for airborne system (LCA). Indigenous development of RF Modem for Navy communication network. Multi DSP – Multi processor data fusion card was developed.

Year 2006

Over 1000 CPCI RF Modem cards were supplied for the Navy network. Developed world’s smallest Video Tracker. Diversified the R&D activities to Security & Surveillance products.

Year 2007

MoU with Singapore Technologies for distribution of Delopts’s security & Surveillance products in South East Asia.

Development of color UFCP for LCA Miniature high-speed RF Modem card was developed.

Year 2008

Major expansion with more high-Tech products and design solutions. Cutting edge embedded Video analytics products poised to be released into the market.

Year 2009

People Counting System Galore @ Europe & Singapore.
Delopt’s distributors in Europe & Singapore, EuroCount ( ) and Singapore Technologies ( ),respectively place orders for Embedded people counting systems in huge numbers. 205 units have been shipped in the past one month. As many as 8 malls and retails chains have been benefitted by the accurate embedded counting system along with its Reporting Software suite.

Year 2012

Dubai Mall, Dubai.
Delopt Replaces Irisys Sensors @ Dubai Mall for foot fall counting.

Year 2013

Global - 3D Counting.
3D counting sensors galore in 3 months for Delopt. Over 10,000,000 people counted.

Birmingham Library, UK.
Robovision 3D equipped @ the new Birmingham Library. Installed by Footfall Logistics, it covers all the ground floor access to the library. On the opening day the system recorded over 8000 people walking into the Library @ 99% accuracy.

Westfield Merryhill Shopping Center, UK.
Counting Solutions (PFM - UK) signs up with DELOPT for its Robovision 3D counting product. PFM has replaced the existing Thermal techology @ Westfield Merryhill Shopping Center.

Adidas, India.
Delopt bags the counting @ Adidas & Reebok Stores. Robovision 3D would be installed in the top performing 237 stores across India.

Year 2014

Disinvestment by Axish holdings.
Disinvestment by Axis Holdings. Axis Holdings Pulls out as investors in Delopt.

Investment by J K Group
JK expands its venture in Defence sector; to provide indigenous advanced technological support to armed forces.