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Dual Channel cPCI RF Data Modem – upto 9.6kbps


The 9.6 kbps RF Modem is a single tone modem on 3kHz bandwidth supporting coded data rates of up to 9600bps by using simple QPSK to high density 64QAM constellations. This data modem provides a direct interface with VUHF/HF radio sets for message and tactical applications. The modem operates in network scenarios which include Ship to Ship, Ship to Shore and Ship to Air communications. The modem provides reliable communication with faster turn around time by minimal On-Air usage. The modem waveform developed is comparable to MIL-STD-188-110B Appendix.C. The modem is intended for use in Military, Naval and Commercial applications.

  1. Audio processing.
  2. RF modem communication - standalone and network modes.
  3. Police, railways and any private network.

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