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Retail Therapy through HTA Mantri Square.
A Case Study - August 2011

DELOPT'S Human Traffic Analysis solution (HTA) is a leading retail counting solution to stores/chains, malls and establishments. DELOPT's HTA offers a highly accurate and robust counting solution with features such as multiple data reporting and analysis, graphical representation of reports. The HTA today is a leading people counting / human traffic analysis technology provider in the country and overseas with a huge client base all over the world. Mantri Square, Bangalore has deployed the solution since 2009 and below is a brief overview of this site.

Customer: Mantri Square, Bangalore.


Mantri Square is a bustling city Mall located in the heart of Northern Bangalore city. It is one of the largest malls in India and is home to numerous International and local retails chains, small and medium businesses. Mantri Square being the only world class mall in northern Bangalore locality attracts a huge number of people on a day to day basis.


Being at the centre of North Bangalore and with easy access to various surrounding localities Mantri Square attracts a huge inflow of human traffic on a daily basis. In spite of being one of the largest malls in India the Mantri mall always is choc a bloc with visitors spread throughout the mall. On the busiest day, the mall attracts over 80,000 people. The mall has multiple entries and exits and hence tracking the accurate footfall of the continuous flow of people was a huge challenge for the Mall owners. The Mall management were very particular about the use of technology versus the conventional use of security guards manually counting people.


After detailed study of the Mantri Square requirement DELOPT successfully architected, designed and deployed a total end to end stand alone solution to address this need at Mantri Square that is fool proof, easy scalable and very user friendly. DELOPT's HTA solution comprised of IP based counting solution with use of over head cameras as sensors. All the equipments were networked through Ethernet to a centralized server for data collection and for statistical report generation. The software consisted of live graphs which always gives the instantaneous live people count inside the mall premises. The statistical analysis captures, reports all the key data necessary for Business Intelligence to optimise the operation of businesses. Propcare Mall Management (I) Pvt. Ltd manages the operations of Mantri Square. Mr. Jonathan Yach, CEO said that "Mall Management is both a qualitative and quantitative practice. In order to offer the best quality service, we need good quality data. DELOPT's systems fulfill our requirement in respect to people counting management. In point of fact, we use the people counting system not only to count customers but to also evaluate peak load needs for housekeeping, security staff. In this way, the maximum service is available when most of our customers are in the mall. Human Traffic analysis leads to better retail sales and hence improved mall investment performance too ". Dr. M. R Sheshadri, MD of DELOPT emphasised, "The uses of Human Traffic analysis systems are limitless. Retail is not the only use for the counting system, but it is also used in a few multi-national companies for Emergency evacuation and fire evacuation systems. Impressed by the system at the Mantri Square, few of the retail stores inside the mall implemented this in their store and extended the solution at their retail outlets pan India".

About HTA

The Human Traffic Analysis suite comes from a feature rich iSecure Video Analytical Suite. DELOPT's HTA has over 1000+ individual installations across the world. Every installation may be as small as 1 camera or as high as 100's of cameras. For detailed product description and videos details please go to our product site iSecure HTA

Key Features

  • 99% guaranteed accuracy of counts
  • Real Time accurate reports of occupancy in Buildings
  • Capable to divide buildings into zones internally
  • Customisable feature rich dashboard of reporting data, in turn enables data mining for analysis
  • Hourly, Weekly, monthly statistics
  • Comparison between two dates, months or years
  • Occupancy reports and up to 20 different reports

Uses of the system

  • Success and failure indicators
  • Efficient staffing based on footfall, optimisation of resources
  • Helps in planning and staffing
  • Accurate measurements of success rates of sales promotions
  • Helps in taking right decisions for increasing low people count

July 2011

DELOPT has been in the Security and Surveillance Industry since the early 1990's. It was founded by ex Indian Defence scientists. DELOPT is a leading vendor to the Indian Defence and has successfully completed numerous projects for the Army, Navy and Air Force. With a rich experience and know how of the security and surveillance industry and well established footprints in the defence sector, DELOPT has been growing and creating a strong impact in the civilian market as well.



Some of the products that have been catered to the defense sector are:

  • Multi function Up Front Control Panel (UFPCP)
  • Data Recorder System
  • Laser Seeker Electronics
  • Video Trackers
  • Flight Control Electronics
  • Avionics Stores Management Units
  • Test systems for Airborne equipments

People Counting System

DELOPT's People Counting System (PCS) is a valuable and a very necessary Retail Intelligence tool that provides counting solution to the Retail sector worldwide. Various establishments use DELOPT's People Counting System to map their customer footfall and sales conversion ratio.

iSecure - Intelligent Video Analytics

DELOPT's iSecure Intelligent Video Analytics has created a buzz in the Security and Surveillance vertical after its successful launch within a very short span of time since its release. iSecure Video Analytics suite is operating in multiple customer locations across the globe since its release.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

DELOPT 's Thermal Imaging Cameras have been critical in serving its customers with High end surveillance and security requirements. DELOPT has numerous Thermal Imaging Camera ranges and has successfullyprovided solutions to various target customers in the country such as :

  • Airports
  • Border Security
  • Military
  • Police
  • Infrastructure and more


DELOPT's commercial products include:

  • iSecure Intelligent Video Analytics
  • People Counting System
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Video Trackers

DELOPT & Milestone Systems Announce Integrated
February 2010

Solution Partnership
iSecure analytics suite integrates with XProtect™ VMS

COPENHAGEN/BANGALORE – February 16, 2010.

Milestone Systems, a leading developer of open platform XProtect IP video management software, has announced the successful integration of iSecure video analytics from Delopt. As an authorized Milestone Solution Partner, DELOPT has integrated their iSecure Video Analytics Suite with Milestone XProtect™ IP video management software to provide cost effective, high quality video analytical solutions.

Delopt is an established leader in video-based people counting solutions with over 1000 installations and more than 3000 counting channels worldwide. Delopt already had an established suite of embedded analog-based video analytics. With its recent release of iSecure, an IP-based video analytics suite, along with its integration to the Milestone XProtect suite, Delopt has now paved the way for a more effective and affordable IP video analytical solution.

Milestone’s ability to support the widest selection of camera brands enables iSecure to work on an open platform. iSecure integrates with all the top offerings of Milestone: XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Corporate, and XProtect Central. The analytics manage Zones (Entry, Exit, In, Out), Camera Sabotage Detection, Persistence, Loitering, Tripwires, Multiple Tripwires, Counting and a multiple PTZ camera-based tracking suite.

The integration also includes iSecure-PCS (People Counting Solution) a “retail intelligence suite” for footfall traffic analysis. With one of the highest accuracies (95-98%) for video based systems, this software solution has Live Door/Isle Counts, Zone Counts, hour, day, month, and year-based reporting. Remote web-based support can be provided on the iSecure server along with automatic email features.

"Video Analytics is normally associated with high costs and complex installation configurations. This has subliminally and consciously hindered customers in opting for a Video Analytics solution. The Milestone-DELOPT integration solves the quest for a reliable, high quality and affordable integrated Video Analytics solution"
said Dr. M.R Sheshadri, MD & CEO of DELOPT, India.

"The iSecure suite of analytics is one of the most comprehensive we have seen – especially with their People Counting and retail offerings, which make DELOPT an exciting Milestone Solution Partner for customers to gain more value-adding integrations with the XProtect IP video open platform",
added Martin Kaufmann, MSP Program Manager at Milestone Systems.

DELOPT received dedicated support in using the Milestone SDK and the integration work went smoothly to provide a total end-to-end solution. The integration process made use of the following Milestone plug-ins: XProtect Transact, Recording Server, Generic VA Plug in, XProtect Analytics Framework, and the XProtect Smart Client. A generic overview of the integration with Milestone is shown below.

iSecure is capable of requesting data from Milestone either on the same network or on a separate network. iSecure sends analytics events and alerts to the XPCO or XPE servers. XPE and XPCO in turn integrate video with the corresponding alerts along with video overlay information. Both the XProtect and iSecure servers can be accessed and alert events can be viewed outside the network.


DELOPT, incorporated as a Private Ltd Company (was named as Deepti Electronics & Electro-Optics Pvt Ltd) in 2000, focuses on the design, development and production of a wide range of image processing and video based software and embedded systems. Primarily a R&D company, Delopt manufactures sophisticated target acquisition and tracking hardware. It is also a biggest manufacturer of Video based counting solutions and Video analytics in the Asia Pacific region. Defense offerings include Electro-Optics systems, Automatic test equipments, high speed Data Acquisition systems and Avionics, Display systems for Defense Applications.

For more information, please visit

About Milestone:

Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the leading global developer of open platform IP video management software, according to IMS Research five years in a row. XProtect™ gives users a powerful surveillance solution that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations worldwide. With support for the industry’s widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-of-breed solutions to ‘video enable’ organizations - reducing costs, optimizing processes, protecting people and assets. Milestone software is sold through authorized and certified partners.

Milestone Press Contact:

Courtney Dillon Pedersen PR & Communications Manager
Telephone: +45 88 300 330

DELOPT’S Electronics City Installation
January 2010

DELOPT completed CCTV camera based surveillance systems at strategic locations in Electronic city. After successful trails by ELCIA Security personnel for 2 months, it has been handed over to the country's most elite security force CISF for operations on 29th Jan 2010.

The upcoming phases will include powerful video analytical capabilities such as crowd monitoring, left baggage detection, tracking systems etc.

DELOPT - Wins Photo Enforcement and Surveillance
December 2009

Contract with NICE Toll Management

DELOPT wins the photo enforcement project with the prestigious Nandi Infrastructure Corridor. Every TOLL lane will be making use of DELOPT’s its photo-enforcement solutions namely the SecuPass for capturing all the vehicles images along with their number plate details. The customized Secupass would stream live videos back to the NICE servers via a secure IP link so that all the events are monitored remotely.

DELOPT would be making use of the award winning INFINOVA cameras to implement the complete solution. Every Toll will have individual cameras on each lane as well as an overall Pan Tilt and Zoom camera to zoom for Security and surveillance applications.

Every vehicle entry/exit into the NICE road will be marked and tagged for photo identification. The project will be implemented in a very short time frame of 3 months.

DELOPT - Develops Enterprise Class Network
September 2009

video management software (V2217) with integrated video analytics for INFINOVA

DELOPT, a high technology company focused on the Security, Surveillance and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market has worked closely with US based Infinova to develop the next generation enterprise class Network Video Management software (V2217) with integrated Video Analytics. The DELOPT & Infinova partnership will enable our existing and new customers the advantages of enterprise class features to seamlessly integrate next-generation, highly cost-effective, Security Surveillance Solutions. The V2217 Video Analytics are supported at the edge, at the server or embedded into the camera making this a truly scalable, open platform solution.

"This is a win-win-win combination for DELOPT, Infinova and their customers. The partnership is very unique, as we compliment each other’s technologies and together we can provide our customers with reliable and cost-effective turnkey solutions."

Dr. M. R. Sheshadri
Managing Director, DELOPT, India.

Some of the unique advantages of the DELOPT / Infinova combination are:
  • Multi System Control Center
  • Image Content Navigation
  • 2.5D Embedded Live Video Maps
  • Web Client & Video Wall
  • Edge / Server/ Embedded Based Multi Rule Analytics

The Video Analytics can run single or multi analytic rules simultaneously irrespective of the platform selected. Also, DELOPT has released a Video Analytics Library / SDK for integrating it to existing Infinova V2216 Video Management Software.

"As security and surveillance solutions become more sophisticated with advanced video analytics tools, such as the ones we have integrated from DELOPT, are vital for forensic analysis and to create better quality and more reliable evidence."

Dr. Jeffery Liu
President, Infinova, USA.

Both DELOPT and Infinova have many years of experience in delivering high-performance solutions for customers in Defense, Security / Surveillance and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) domains. Some of the technologies covered are:

Security & Surveillance:

  • Enterprise Video Management
  • Video Analytics
  • Intrusion Detection Systems. ( IntruDetect, IntruTrak & IntruZoom)
  • Occupancy SOlution (Retail Intelligence)
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
  • Thermal imagers

Intelligent Transportation Systems:

  • City / Junction Surveillance System
  • Dome Enforcement Systems
  • Red Light Violation Detection Systems
  • Speed Violation Detection Systems
  • Toll Management & Enforcement Systems


Turnkey Solution Partner for your Security, Surveillance & ITS needs DELOPT is a focused high technology manufacturer & leading solution innovator for Security, Surveillance & ITS markets. In addition above, DELOPT also provides design, development and production services in Embedded Systems, Electro-Optics systems, Avionics & Display systems for Defense Applications.


Complete security solutions — from the Control Room to the Cameras Infinova is a high-end technology manufacturer of complete solutions with industry-leading customer service. Our products are manufactured at Infinova facilities under strict production and quality controls that are certified to ISO 9001 standards.

We provide complete security and surveillance solutions that stretch from the:

  • Control Room with network video management, matrix switchers, access control, communications and control equipment etc.
  • To the cameras where we have a range of access control devices, IP, megapixel and analog cameras for different applications.

By complete solution we do not mean proprietary, we integrate with technology from many different manufacturers. The difference is, we are responsible for reliability and quality of your complete solution, you have one supplier to work with, Infinova.

For More Information, please contact:

Sr.AGM - Business Development
Bangalore, India
Email :

Milind M Borkar
Vice President - Sales
M.E. Africa & Indian subcontinent
PO Box 5531 Salmiya
Zip code 22066 Salmiya
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