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PANOMIX - Perimetric Surveillance System

  • PANORAMIC VISION 120° / 180° / 360°


Panomix is a perimetric surveillance system based on a combination of multiple 12MP global shutter color sensor with very high sensitivity (down to NATO Night Level 2), a realtime panorama stitching system and a operating software for controlling, recording and playing back. Panomix is also available with EBCMOS sensor for night vision (down to NATO Level 5).

Panomix is available in numerous configuration customizable to fit the carrier, from two 180° modules, three 120° modules, or six 60° modules. Each module processes its own 9 axis inertial measurement unit. It’s weatherproof and waterproof (IP67) with “marine condition”. The marine casing is made to avoid reflecting radar echo wave (fit stealth mode requirement)

Key Features

  • 120° / 180° / 360° panoramic vision with realtime video stitching
  • Realtime intrusion detection and track following
  • Embedded inertial measurement unit for accurate video stabilization and worldspace measurement
  • Customizable solution depending on vehicle constraints
  • High performance video camera up to 72MP global shutter high sensitivity sensors
  • Available with photonis EBCMOS sensor (night vision : down to level 5), up to 24MP
  • Fiber optic for long reach (up to 100m) uncompressed video transmission or wireless digital link for realtime H264 video streaming for drones


  • Surveillance
  • Defense (C4-ISR)
  • Situational awareness
  • Aerospace

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