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DELOPT Thermography Solution (DTS-03) - Fever Screening System

DELOPT introduces Thermography based Indoor fever detection solution with advanced features.

The Solution enables a non-contact fever screening, which preferably detects temperature at the forehead region by face detection using RGB Camera. The solution is highly accurate in measuring the temperature using blackbody in the FOV. Due to long range detection capability, the solution is safe for the operator and can also be used where large number of people are to be scanned.

Application Scenarios:

Airport, Railway, Metro & Bus stations, Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Office Places & Apartment Complex, Custom.

Key Features:

  • Fast and accurate contactless fever screening using Intelligent Facial Recognition.
  • Mask Detection and event capturing.
  • Accuracy of +/-0.3℃ with Blackbody source.
  • Reliable temperature measurements based on low noise IR detectors and precision calibration.
  • Screening distance: 2 to 5 meters.
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple face temperature.
  • Large field of view helps scanning of groups of people.
  • Display and evaluation in real time.
  • Alarms at surpassing temperature thresholds (fever).
  • For INDOOR fever detection application.
  • Specially designed optical system for medical diagnosis.
  • Online monitoring for rapid temperature measurement.
  • Multilevel Distribution Architecture.
  • Mobile APP(O).
  • Data Statistics report.
  • Continuous recording using NVR.

Solution Diagram:

Solution Includes IR and RGB based Fever detection camera, Blackbody, Laptop/desktop, Display Monitor, Alarm, Recording device NVR (Optional).

Fever detection camera will be installed using ceiling bracket/wall bracket/tripod. Camera will be powered by either 12V power adaptor or POE. Black body will be installed in the field of view of the camera, 3 to 5 meter distance apart. Camera is connected to workstation using RJ45 Ethernet cable where software runs. The software can detect up to 16 people simultaneously with capturing the image of individual with marking mask detection. The data also can be accessed by multiple users connecting to network. Camera data also can be recorded continuously using NVR. Output video can displayed in LED Monitor which is connected to Workstation.

NVR, POE and Workstation can be placed in Wall mountable 19 in rack and powered by Un Interrupted power supply.


  • Person under scanning to be looking straight into the camera and face to be visible to camera.
  • When you enter from outside, ensure temperature stabilizes before exposing to camera.
  • If the person suspected of having fever is detected, confirm again with thermometer.

DTS-03 Video

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