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DELOPT offers a Pan-Tilt-Zoom video tracking solution for perimeter surveillance applications. This keeps an intruding object of interest in the field of view of a PTZ camera, irrespective of how the object moves.

Salient Features
  1. Offered as a software only solution.
  2. Installable on compliant Windows boxes.
  3. Multiple PTZ camera tracking is provided from a single software installation.
  4. Advanced “Track-while-zoom” technology, zooms into the object being tracked, so as to provide a high resolution image of the object.
  5. Patent Pending features include auto tracking initiation based on video analytic alerts.
  6. A completely web based interface.
  7. Storage of active tracking video clips for post analysis.
  8. Support for an unlimited number of PTZ presets.
  9. Complete documentation.
  10. Extremely flexible, cloud based licensing.

At this time, this product is supported on Axis Communications’ PTZ cameras only.

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