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    Mini UAV Payloads & Autopilot
    DELOPT/GST (JK Group) are the authorised distributors for the MICRO PILOT auto pilot and related products.

    LV3D ( LaserVision3D )
    DELOPT's new LV3D ( LaserVision3D ) is laser based people counting solution which support heights of 3.5 - 10m with the accuracy of 90-95%, works in complete darkness and comes with addon RGB for video validation and can also work in complete Outdoor scenario.

    ATM Security Solutions
    DELOPT has developed a fully unmanned security solution for ATMs and Banks. The system developed based on 3D sensors, a proprietary technology product of DELOPT can generate instantaneous alerts on occurrence of various types of abnormal events including attempts to sabotage of camera, sabotage of ATM etc. Abnormal events are recorded and email as well as SMS alerts sent to concerned persons in real time in addition to beeper at ATM and control centre. The security solution not only obviates the need of security personnel at the ATMs but also prevents occurrence of abnormal events before they happen

    Handheld Thermal Imager.
    Delopt has developed handheld thermal imager based on 17 micro pitch 640 x 480 uncooled micro bolometer array operating at room temperature. The unit has state of the art low power electronics and proprietary algorithms, providing highest quality imagery both during day and night. This system has built-in video recording and playback capabilities.

    DELOPT has received AS 9100 : 2016 Certificate for "Design and Development, Manufacturing, Integration and Servicing of Electronics & Electro-Optics Products and Systems".

    DELOPT has received CEMILAC certificate for "Design, Development and Integration of Electronics Systems with software for military, airborne applications".

    Delopt plans release of new Embedded Analytics products.
    Delopt announces Road Map to develop new Embedded Analytics products - IntruZoom, IntruTrack, IntruDetect.

    Delopt Bags contract for controller from Indian Defense Services.
      Delopt plans release of new Traffic management products.
      Delopt develops a high speed modem.
      Delopt develops a base band modems to enable communication at 12.2 Kbps.
      This low cost base band solution is compatible with a variety of radios.

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